Payment Methods

Bank Transfer (in Advance):

You can pay by making a wire transfer directly to Chic Oui's bank account. Please select “Wire Transfer” directly during the online payment process.

  • The bank account information will be informed by email after order confirmation. 
  • Please transfer your payment to the designated bank account of “YSytems Kokusai” within 10 days after ordering. 
  • When making a transfer, please enter the order number before the payer name (For example, 123456 WAISHISUTEMUZUKOKUSAI). If the customer and the payer are different please be sure to enter the order number in the name of payer. 
  • The bank fees are the responsibility of the customer. 
  • In the event where your payment cannot be confirmed after 10 days of the transfer deadline, your order will be cancelled. 


It is also possible to pay via PayPal. You can choose “PayPal” directly during the online payment process. Please note that payments made through Paypal are processed immediately after your order is confirmed. For your order details, please check the "Receipt of payment to YSystems Kokusai Co., Ltd." email sent by PayPal.