NameChic Oui! Dono
Skin materialStucco
PersonalityClean freak
Punching powerMore than 99.9% inactivation effect in 5 minutes
ColorPure white
HobbySpace Invaders
Force periodGeneration change in every 2-4 weeks
Force lifeUp to 6 months old or more

Strategies to reduce the risk of contact infections

Protect yourself from the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and influenza by using Chic Oui! products!
Use Chic Oui! Stucco Coating Sheet, which has excellent sterilizing and antiviral effects, on your children's name tags, smart phones, wallets, and business card holders.
Chic Oui! is an excellent disinfectant and anti-viral Stucco coating sheet.

It can be easily sterilized and antibacterial just by pasting it.

Do you know this fact?

According to a treatise published in the New England Journal of Medicine The "lifespan" of the new coronavirus to remain infectious is as follows.
 Copper → 4 hours
 Cardboard → 24 hours
 Stainless steel and plastic → 72 hours (up to 3 days)

Stucco → 5 minutes 99.9% or more inactivation effect! !!

Regarding the effect of Stucco, Nagasaki University has conducted a demonstration test against coronavirus and confirmed an inactivating effect of 99.9% or more in 5 minutes of contact.
Sterilization and antibacterial effects, it also has antifungal and deodorant effects, as well as adsorbs formaldehyde and is effective as a sick house syndrome countermeasure.
In addition, Stucco is made from natural materials, so it is safe and soft to the touch.

Click here for details on the inactivating effect:National Research Center for the Control and Prevention of infectious Diseases Nagasaki University.